Food choices for the visual learner

You all know by now that I like to ramble and get into the details of nutrition and I realize that most stop reading about three sentences in. To that end, here is a legit visual, with a few caveats, that I borrowed from Bulletproof Exec.

Protein powders are a pretty hot topic and it is clear that they are not strictly paleo and they are definitely not necessary. However, if you choose to partake please be sure to do your due diligence and find one from a reputable supplier.

The way I see it there is no reason to go right of Pastured Bacon Fat… READ THIS

The other thing to remember about fruit is that the small, dark skinned, berry types have the highest antioxidant content.

I don’t care for legumes, sprouted or otherwise, its a gateway drug. No reason to go right of the S in Nuts…

Rice is nice but I would recommend checking your blood sugar to see if its nice to YOU, it doesn’t work for me…

Full fat, organic, raw, pastured, etc. If you are trying to lean out steer clear. If you get acne, gas, or eczema skip the dairy.

I like spices…

I am not sold on any of this sugar business. Raw honey is a good choice but remember the idea is that you don’t sweeten stuff. If you are still having hunger and sugar cravings it might be time to take another look at your sleep and stress issues…

I think it is clear that eating food in a form that is closest to its original is a good idea. Stephan Guyenet┬áhas written quite a bit about this stuff so check it out of your into it. This might be the final frontier for some folks but its worth noting…

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