Want Cancer? Eat Processed Meat!

If the term “mechanically separated chicken” doesn’t raise any red flags take a look at THIS

5 Responses to Want Cancer? Eat Processed Meat!

  1. Woody says:

    Great!!! No more salami!

    • Adam says:

      Yeah it’s a bummer for sure… The real culprits appear to be Sodium Nitrite and MSG, but you can’t go wrong eating whole foods as they were intended.

  2. Ryan Grebe says:

    Since reading this article I have found that this stuff is in a lot more things than I thought. Its kinda depressing but good to know. Bacon didn’t really come to mind at first but it makes sense. Hot Dogs and salami were more what I was picturing. Anyways I like mixing in sausage or bacon into my eggs to add some meat to breakfast.. do you know of any brands that don’t sell cancer bacon? If not is this OK to eat in moderation as long as its not an everyday thing? Id hate to get all paranoid about cancer with every shopping trip…

  3. Adam says:

    I’m really not sure how moderation applies here. I have read a number of studies on the subject since I posted this article and they are all decidedly in one camp or the other. Some say that the alarming levels of cancer were from the extremely high doses of nitrites used in the industry prior to regulation by the USDA/FDA. Apparently after the studies linked nitrites to cancer they reduced the amount used by around 20% and added vitamin C to help counteract the affects thereby rendering it “safe for human consumption”. The other camp says that it is all food industry hype and that, while some occur in nature, added nitrites are the devil. I too like some sausage and bacon and I have a hard time believing the extreme of either side so I buy only nitrite/nitrate and MSG free food and I don’t really stress on it if I am dining out. I also take a close look at the label because I know the labeling criteria is up for sale, if the packaging says nitrite free but the nutritional information says 4% of your RDA for vitamin C you can bet that there are some nitrites added. I have been getting nitrite free bacon from Trader Joe’s that is pretty good but that is the only place I have found it.

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