The Importance of Play

We spend a lot of time beating our bodies up in the gym and on the job, which is just part of life. We generally don’t get enough sleep and perform inherently stressful work, again its just part of life. What we need to do is make play just as much a part of life as the rest. You don’t have to hit the bouncy house or buy a season pass to Chuckey Cheese but you should work some less stressful, mentally and physically, activities into your routine. I like to get some play mixed in on active recovery days, whether they are scheduled or not. Learning a new gymnastic skill is a great place to start, forward roll, handstand walking, cartwheels, etc. etc. I am also a fan of jungle gym work, set up a course and see how many laps you can make without touching the ground. Training like this will help you recover from the more intense days by increasing blood flow and stretching the muscles and connective tissue without getting your heart rate up too much and certainly without eliciting a cortisol response.

See if you can do this without smiling:

200m back pedal

10′ handstand walk (accumulate 60 seconds upside down if you can’t walk on your hands)

8 cartwheels (4L 4R)

4 forward rolls (somersaults, make sure you tuck your head)

As many rounds as you want focusing on perfecting each movement

Or this:

Make as many laps as you can around your engine or truck without touching the ground with your feet or walking on the top…

2 Responses to The Importance of Play

  1. Eric says:

    The laps around the engine would be easy on an ’85 Van Pelt but not on a 34….

  2. Fernando says:

    The surreal world of jupimng as high as possible, with no fear, to watch people who practice every day , risking their body, for entertainment, I love it, I wish I could be part of it, to have that sort of motivation, passion. I love how simple it looks for the outsider, and how deep and hard the preparation is. I have really no idea. Just love to imagine the sweat and admire the beauty of the world of circus.

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