Implementation of the CFN Skill Standards

So we have these legit Skill Standards; now what? Well the goal for each of us should be to attain and maintain each of the Level III standards. Do we need to be able to do them all in the same day? No, but I think it is reasonable to assume that a Level III athlete would be able to perform any of the standards given a few hours notice.  If you don’t have them yet, HERE is a link to the Standards published by Coach Dave Werner. Naturally each of us will have our strengths and weaknesses and thus require individual programming in order to reach our immediate and long-term goals. To that end here is plan; download the skill standards above and this Skill chart, work your way through all of the tests in a week or two; plot your levels on the Skill chart, notice the breakdown by test area. Once you have completed all of the tests your Skill chart should be full and I’m pretty sure the areas that need improvement will be obvious. Once you have identified the areas that need the most work design your regimen to dedicate 85-90% of your training to those weaknesses and the remainder to the things at which you are already proficient. I will be done with mine next week and I will post it with examples of training I will be doing to shore up my pressing and core strength, which are already revealing themselves as my greatest (fitness related) weaknesses.

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