Spring Ramp Up

Ok all you mass gainers, the days of free feeding and telling yourself that a pound on your ass means two pounds on the bar are over. That’s right starting March 1 its time to start turning all that new meat into a powerful, well defined mass of kinetic energy. How? Like this:

1) Remember that 600-1000 extra calories you’ve been stuffing? Starting Monday cut it back to 3 days a week.

2) Were are going to swap the deadlift for the power clean.

3) Metabolic conditioning will be a little longer and more frequent.

4) “Izumi Tabata” will become your middle name.

The whole idea is to start increasing cardiorespiratory endurance and power output without losing too much strength; it also means fat loss, which means tweaking your fuel supply, which means a little trial and error.


1) Now is time for strict quality control; if you’ve  been eating a little junk to keep the weight on,  stop…

2) A few more carbs post workout as fruit becomes more seasonal and a little less mono and polyunsaturated fat. (e.g. less olive oil, nuts, and seeds more coconut)

3) Get plenty of water onboard, 3/4 body-weight in ounces ( e.g. 200 lb = 175 oz per day)

4) If you haven’t been eating mostly grass fed meat then  now is the time to get some CLA and rALA to add to your Vit-D and magnesium supplementation. HERE


1) Take a look at your CFN Skill Standards

a. If you are shy on strength stick with the 531 and ramp up the heavy metcons.

b. If you are gassing while tying your shoes the next round of programming I will put up is for you.

2) If you work for a wildland agency start pack hiking one day a week to toughen up your feet.

a. If you are still skinny go short, steep, and heavy.

b. If you are an ox go long, steep, and heavy (keep it under 45 minutes though).

Try to get outside as much as possible, it looks like “winter” is pretty much over in California so get out and soak up the sun.

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