Firefighter Pukes and Dies

HERE is an article from with an update for a line of duty death back in May. The short version is that the departed puked, presumably from exertion, while performing interior operations at a residential structure fire; in an effort to resume normal breathing he removed his mask to clear the vomit and was overcome by smoke and toxic gasses. All in all this a horrible tragedy underscored by the fact that it was most likely preventable. As indicated in the article, our fallen brother had been having an eventful shift and he had eaten all too common firehouse foods that neither digest quickly nor support healthy digestion. What is the take away?


Eat high quality protein, fat, and carbohydrate; eat foods that support a healthy digestive tract (not grain, dairy, or legumes); take a digestive support supplement such as the Super Enzymes from Now Foods, especially if you are new to eating normal amounts of protein and fat. Try to eat meals that are of reasonable size and avoid drinking “food” along with your meal (milkshake, Soda). Carry snacks e.g. nuts and jerky with you in the engine so you are not compelled to overeat when you get busy.


Train to the point of nausea every now and then; it is important to know your limits and recognize the signs of over-exertion and figure out your technique for recovery. Some people are pukers and others are not but the feeling of impending doom after a gnarly workout is something that you should be familiar with; “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” James Fitzgerald. ┬áThis will not only help serve as a gauge for improvement it will also give you a sense of physical self-confidence that will serve you in all aspects of your life.

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