Zercher Squat

Introducing the Zercher Squat… All in all very similar to the front squat however it has a few advantages.

1- It can be performed without a squat rack

2 – The weight is farther in front of your center requiring even more midline core strength

3 – The position of the bar below you nipple line helps ensure the your chest is up and your back is arched

3 – The position of your elbows makes you have to spread your knees in a “spreading the earth” fashion which help achieve full range of motion

4 – The entire movement including the deadlift portion is about as close as you can get to picking up something really heavy in a safe and controlled manner

Stay tuned for more on how to use the zercher in your programming. For now start with a weight you can comfortably do 5×5 and slowly build.

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