Strong Man Gone Bad

I’m sure that workout briefings are not what they had in mind when they put this command box in my truck but it just works so well…

So here is how it went:

Prowler Push – 50lbs on it but it doesn’t push quite like a factory prowler, that 50lbs is more like 90.

Farmers Walk – 75lb dumbbells

Tire Flip

Hand-over-hand hose drag

Dead start Zercher Squat – 135lbs

We used a 100′ field and each trip down or back counted as one rep and obviously each squat counted as one rep.

Reps in one minute just like Fight Gone Bad…

We had 6 guys on shift so we made a 6th station for rest and ran through all 3 rounds straight. It worked out nice because the person resting could run the clock and call for rotation.

The aftermath…

2 Responses to Strong Man Gone Bad

  1. woody says:

    Awsome workout. if you have the means you should run your folks through it. We
    had not been that spent, well until the last death circle adam set up.

    thanks adam. keep it coming!

  2. Marshall says:

    Sorry I missed this one. Looks great!

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