3 things you should be doing

1. Tabata Intervals – Discovered by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, the “Tabata Protocol” is a series of 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rested repeated 8 times. In his own words “Six to eight very hard 20-second intervals with 10-second rest periods may be one of the best possible training protocols.” Go beyond the body weight variety and try it like this:

  • Front squats – Use a weight which allows you to finish your last interval with 8-10 reps, its gonna be pretty light.
  • Stationary bike – Sprint for 20 then coast pedal for 10, bring an extra bottle of water because you will sweat the rest of the day.
  • Farmer’s walk – Go real heavy and hope your grip holds up.
  • Kettle bell swings – Proper swings that light up your hamstrings not your low back.

2. Find out where your food comes from – If you know specifically or at least have a good idea of where your food originates you will be eating a pretty healthy diet. First off you won’t be eating fast food or prepackaged processed foods and you will be doing a great deal of your shopping at farmers markets and local butcher shops, two steps that increase your chances of survival. Fruits and veggies from other countries are probably out of season and are most likely grown with pesticides and herbicides that are not legal in the US, moreover shipping food items great distances is completely unsustainable. 1 pound of ground beef from the supermarket has meat from over 100 different cows in it; that’s about as far removed from hunting, killing, and eating as you can get. If an animal dies so you can live you should do what you can to ensure that it lived a healthy life and died in a humane and respectful way, i.e., not a factory farm and commercial kill house.

3. Mobility work – Stretching and mobility is critical to long-term athletic performance and everyday life. Spend 10 minutes everyday working on a sticky spot HERE is how.

2 Responses to 3 things you should be doing

  1. Woody says:

    What level are you using for the tabata stationary bike? Is there a minimum we should shoot for?

    Also, for the swings, are these standard “russian” swings, crossfit, or does it matter?


    • Adam says:

      i think every bike is different so just pick a level and go for it. Be sure to use a setting that allows you to gather some metric, e.g., calories, so that you can measure progress from round to round. American or Russian swings are fine just be sure that you are using your hips to provide the power. A common fault with swings is to let the bell trail behind the handle, this indicates shoulder involvement and should be avoided, i.e., the bell should be in line with your arms.

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