Norcal Qualifier

Ok so .com has redeemed itself with a legit video from day 3, lots of footage of our girl Jenny and some familiar faces from Crossfit Rocklin, Crossfit East Sac, and Diablo Crossfit. If you look close there is a cameo appearance from Stavros Kalogiru (Santa Rosa FD) and professional water skier Marcus Brown

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  1. Drew says:

    What’s with the “American” KB Swing. Harder obviously, put why do we have to change something that works just fine if you use the right weight? Any idea from CF land?

  2. Adam says:

    The general idea is that moving the load farther faster equals higher work output… It really becomes a much different movement though and in my opinion it takes a pretty legit hip-hinge developer and turns it into a shoulder assisted swing-upright row kind of thing; there is no doubt that they are hard but they are also hard to do right. From a competition stand point it is difficult to quantify the Russian swing because there is no specified “top” of the movement whereas the American swing ends with the bell straight overhead and the ear in front of the humerus. Where things start to go sideways is when the bell lags behind the handle indicating that the pendulum effect, derived from hip extension, is gone and the shoulders are taking over.

    • Drew says:

      Exactly. Like somebody took the sumo high pull and morphed it into a swing-ish thing. Pretty much only for competition in my POV. We use 90 degrees arms/torso as the top for Russian KB swings. Great movement either way.

  3. Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit says:


    Hey brotha! Hope all is well. Things are good at Diablo, we’re going to the games! Also, getting things rolling at SRFD with the wellness/fitness program. Let’s talk soon!

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