What a drag!

So the other day I was reading some articles written by Dan John and came across something I just had to try. Carrys and drags, as Dan calls them, are exactly what they sound like and consist of the farmers walk, waiters walk, cross, walk, suitcase walk, bear hug carry, backpack carry, and of course the sled drag. Nothing really new here right? The challenge that DJohn threw down was combining them, seems simple enough and as we all should know by now simple means horrible!



Suitcase Walk – Pick up a heavy object in one hand and carry it like a suitcase.

Farmer Walk – Just like the suitcase but use two objects, one in each hand.

Waiters Walk – Imagine you are a waiter carrying a tray of protein style bacon burgers

through a crowd of people taller than you, now replace the tray with a heavy weight.

Cross Walk – This is a combination of the suitcase and the waiters, weight in each hand one up one down.

Bear Hug Carry – Just like it sounds, bear hug something heavy and carry it (it should be hard to breathe).

Backpack – I’m not going to insult your intelligence with this one.

Sled Drag – Hook a strap to your shoulders or hips and drag.


So this is what I did:

Mark out 15 yards with two cones and walk back and forth as fast as you can in the following fashion.

Suitcase Walk one hand out the other hand back

Waiters Walk one hand out the other back

Farmers Walk out and back

Cross Walk one hand up on the way out the other back

Backpack and farmers walk out and back

Backpack and bear hug out and back

Backpack sled drag out and back

Backpack, farmer walk, sled drag out and back

…and yeah you guessed it

Backpack, bear hug, sled drag out and back


For the waiters, cross, and farmers walk I used 70lb dumbbells; for the backpack I used a hose pack with 300 feet in 1 ½ hose which is about 50lbs, for the bear hug I used a 85lb sand bag, and for the sled drag I used our homemade prowler with 90lbs on it.


It took me around 5 minutes and it made me very sleepy, which in my experience indicates that there is a significant central nervous system component which is cool.



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