More on strength standards for the FD

So a few posts ago I mentioned some target numbers for being strong enough to do this job. For 90% of us they are solid, but being that they are based on a percentage or multiple of your body weight there are some inherent flaws. For instance if the firefighter is an athletic 350lbs they may be well strong enough to perform the job with a dead lift under 700lbs. On the flip-side you might have a gymnast type that can indeed press their body weight but it might not be enough oomph to get their partner out of a window in a Denver Drill scenario. Click the link below for a PDF copy of The Basic Strength Standard from the beasts over at Westside Barbell, read the caption at the bottom and see where we should fit as firefighters. I submit that at a minimum we should be “Intermediate” level lifters. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. Drew says:

    It is interesting to see the numbers they have come up with. Intermediate looks to be a good place strength wise. It is interesting to note how small the difference in weight pushed, or lifted at the intermediate level between someone who is 220 and 320+. That is a huge difference in bodyweight with a relatively small difference in the weight moved. Over the years training myself and others, it seems that there is no magic number. I have seen people that can move a ridiculous amt. of weight, yet they are unable to apply it to the event they are in or don’t have the motor to sustain that effort once they are engaged. you have to find what works for you.

    • Adam says:

      Yeah I think there are gong to be issues with generalizing strength especially when some sort of algorithm is at the center of it. If nothing else it is a place to start, if you are already there then I think it is time to do exactly what drew is saying and start to apply the strength. Power cleans and other O-lifting variants are a solid “next step” as well as hill sprints, prowler work, and good old fashioned hose drags.

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