SF Fire Engine 26

 “It is probably not possible to accurately or completely convey the sensation, feeling and act of entering into a building that is on fire, but to try to do so imagine the following: You are driven to a home you have never seen before and you are told to enter the home on your hands and knees, this to avoid the immense heat hovering just a few feet above the floor. (Immense as in: The temperature inside your oven if you turn it up all the way. 500 degrees intense…) You are told that there is a small fire in the home and you have ten minutes to find it. You are told that if you stand up you will likely be overcome by heat within seconds and you are told that if you become lost and it takes more than roughly 20 minutes for you to find your way out you will have no air left to breathe and you will suffocate in minutes, almost certainly before anyone will be able to come to your rescue. And here’s the best part: Before you can go more than three feet into this home your eyes are sealed shut and are covered, so that you cannot see anything at all. You are entering a maze, on three levels, from which there is only one exit, a maze that is not conducive to being alive in. And in this maze, where you are blind and disoriented you are looking for one specific thing, the very thing in fact that causes the maze to be hostile to life in the first place.”

Quote from “Engine 26” one of the best written accounts of an incredible tragedy that I have ever come across. Please take some time to read it to whoever will listen.

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