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I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, formerly, and came across an article titled “The biggest obstacle to perfect health is your mind”. Below is an excerpt from the full article that deals pretty directly with one of the problems I see in myself and many others I train and work with.

Meet Joe Paleo and his weak link

“To make this even more clear, let’s take a hypothetical person: Joe Paleo. He was a high-school and college athlete and has been interested in nutrition and fitness his entire life. He’s on a Paleo diet, does Cross-fit and takes all the right supplements. But he’s still not as healthy as he’d like to be. He’s a little overweight, he’s tired, and he’s not sleeping well.

So he starts to tweak his diet. Is dairy the issue? Should he add white rice, or be completely grain free? How many carbs? What about intermittent fasting? He also tries some new supplements and makes adjustments to his exercise routine. But Joe still doesn’t feel better.

Why isn’t Joe getting better? Because he’s just strengthening the parts of his chain that are already strong – and ignoring the weak links. In Joe’s case, it may be that stress management or practicing pleasure are the weak links. But his first challenge in addressing them is that he’s not even fully aware that stress or a lack of pleasure are problems.

This is where our own minds become the biggest obstacle in our quest for perfect health: we often can’t see what our weakest links are, because, by definition, those are areas where we lack awareness or insight.

But even once we become aware of what our weak links are, it’s still difficult to work with them. We’re fighting against a lifetime of conditioned beliefs about who we are and what we’re supposed to do. In Joe Paleo’s case, perhaps he was raised in a family that didn’t value rest or pleasure, but placed a high premium on success and accomplishment. This makes it hard for him to carve out time to relax or have fun.”

Add to the above an egocentric, tradition based culture like the fire service and you have an environment that precipitates the number one killer of firemen (which is heart disease incase you havent been paying attention). Give this article a read and then check out this post which will give you tools for tweaking YOUR weak link.


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  1. Ryan Grebe says:

    He has a lot of great articles that have been very helpful to me. I really like his 9 steps to perfect health. I enjoy learning more and more about paleo and tweaking it to find what works best but I agree that sometimes back to basics is the best thing. Don’t forget to enjoy why you are making all the positive changes! Use your newfound energy and strength. The times that my lifestyle is reinforced are not when Im reading a paleo blog and learn something new but rather when I’m seeing the results in a playful, professional or competitive environment like playing hockey and having that extra fuel in the tank to breakaway and score, or doing better on a WOD that I sucked on last time! It completes the circle and does give you a sense of reward and accomplishment which is so important for maintaining the lifestyle in the first place. When i get overwhelmed by the science and the lingo and all the rules i just remember eat well, sleep well, move well = feel great!

    Keep up the blog, I don’t always post but I do read!

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