Proper Farmer

Everyone knows I love the farmer’s walk and below is an excerpt from the most detailed analysis of it so far.

“You only need to try the exercise once to appreciate how brutally effective ‘farmer’s’ can be. From the forearms to the upper back, trunk, hips, and legs, no muscle group is left unscorched. Canadian spine researcher Stuart McGill has even referred to the farmer’s walk and other loaded carry variations as a “moving plank,” a testament to the potential benefits of improving core strength and stability.

However, as a physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and strength athlete approaching middle age, I have several reservations about how the farmer’s walk is often performed. Exaggerated forward head/rounded shoulder postures, shuffling feet combined with a lack of hip mobility and appreciable time spent in unilateral stance, and inappropriate implement size are some of the issues that limit progress and set the stage for injury. But with a few modifications outlined below, we can make the farmer’s walk both safer and more challenging.” Read the full article

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