A Battalion Chief for Cal Fire, Adam Lambert has made it the focus of his career to identify and address the specific physical, cognitive, and emotional demands placed on fire personnel and shift workers.  Lambert’s breadth of experience in the fire service has provided him with a unique vantage point from which he has built a progressive approach to address those needs. Lambert started as a volunteer firefighter in 1995 and became a paid professional in 1997. He then worked his way through the ranks often moving laterally within his field to expand his depth of experience. In addition to the everyday rigors of municipal and wildland firefighting he has specialized in hazardous materials incident mitigation, aerial firefighting, incident airspace coordination, and now bodes the title of Physical Fitness Coordinator. Adam is the author of the forthcoming book Fit For Duty, a Comprehensive Guide to Health and Fitness in the Fire Service. His groundbreaking review on nutrition and heat related illness was recently published in the State of California annual Focus on Safety. Heralded as a thought leader in the field, Adam was recruited as a contributing editor by The First Twenty a web based wellness program designed for the fire service.  In addition, Lambert is recognized as one of the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the fire service. Certified under the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Lambert spent 6 years training and coaching under the tutelage of Robb Wolf, author of the Paleo Solution and owner of Norcal Strength and Conditioning. During that time he obtained an array of certifications including: Olympic Weightlifting, Paleo Nutrition, and Crossfit. Through coaching, program design, and nutritional strategies forged in the gym and tested in the firehouse, Adam and Robb led the Norcal S&C affiliate team to a 3rd place finish at the 2009 CrossFit Games and Jenny LaBaw to a 6th place finish in 2011. As a Fire Fighter Olympics and Crossfit Games competitor, Adam is no stranger to performance athletics. However, with the understanding that performance and health often lie some distance apart on the athletic continuum, Adam has recently shifted focus from pure performance to a regimen favoring health and longevity. Coupling elements of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting with Jiu Jitsu, surfing, and yoga Lambert has developed a program to fit his current role. Adam believes that achieving optimal health and performance must include a foundation of fundamental nutrition and fitness principles but is by no means a one size fits all approach. To that end, he is committed to helping firefighters find a nutrition and fitness strategy that meets the needs of the individual as well as their current role in the fire service.

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