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Musclemag Interview With Robb Wolf

Check out THIS Q&A session with Robb where he talks about the application of Paleo to bodybuilding, it is a good read even if you don’t consider yourself a beef cake. What I have found is that a ton of the “conventional wisdom” in the fitness world sprang out of the bodybuilding community and Robb does a good job of tying it all together.

Durability WOD

Here is sample WOD (Workout Of the Day) I just ran the guys through. The events and times will differ based on the layout of your training ground and the implements you have available but the idea is to create about an hour of work/rest and have some fun. We started with a 800m warm up lap then ran through Kstar’s Mobility WOD (check it out HERE).

Next up was a short metcon to simulate the adrenaline rush and inevitable crash of the initial attack;

100m run (50m out and back) and 8 burpees for 8 rounds with a ten minute time cap.

Then fifteen minutes of rest (rehab).

Next we split up to compete as Engine Companies. Each Company was given;

1200′ of 1 1/2″ in packs

1 – 8 lb sledge-hammer

1 wheel barrow

The hose packs and the sledge were staged at the top of a near vertical embankment with the wheel barrows at the bottom. Each team scrambled to the top of the bank, retrieved all of the gear, loaded what they could into the wheel barrow and sprinted it 200m. Once the whole team reached the designated spot, with all the gear, they completed 120 overhead sledge-hammer blows (wood chopping type movement) on a stump. After the hammer blows the team sprinted their wheelbarrow and all of the gear 400m up a pretty steep, winding incline to the finish line where they were met by a Steno pad with 2 basic math equations (multiplication, addition etc.). The first team to solve both problems correctly won.

It proved to be an excellent work out and a good bit of fun…



Mobility WOD


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