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Fish Oil and CVD

A new study was just posted concluding that 1gram/day of fish oil does not reduce the chance of CVD in high risk patients; it just goes to show that there is no magic pill. I do however still think that there is a benefit to Omega 3 supplementation but the primary mechanism for correcting the Omega 6:3 balance has to be the reduction of Omega 6 fatty acids from your diet. So what does that mean? Ditch the industrial seed oils (vegetable oil) and processed foods that contain them. Eat grass-fed meat and Omega 3 fortified free range eggs. If you don’t have access to grass-fed meat trim the excess fat off your commercial cuts and add some grass-fed butter.

Reno Fire is Saving Lives @robbwolf

The United States will spend roughly $2.5 trillion this year on health care. Almost three-quarters of that is spent treating chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But now, just across state line in Reno, there is a new approach: the city is putting its money on prevention.

There is an especially good reason for Reno’s new approach; Under Nevada law, the so-called “Heart-Lung Bill,” if a police officer or firefighter has a cardiovascular event after they have been employed for five years, it’s considered to be work related. A single workers comp claim for such an event can easily cost the city $1.5 million.





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