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Jenny LaBaw on Overcoming the Impossible @jenlabaw

Jenny Labaw

Jenny is an inspiration to everyone she meets and interacts with; she is an incredible athlete, a solid coach, and a great friend. That she has chosen to share her personal battle in such open forum is testament to her character and desire to motivate people toward health, regardless of their “condition”. The take away is that you have to play the cards you are dealt in life however, you don’t have to be ruled by convention or limited by other peoples experiences. Captain your own ship, invest in yourself, and systematically crush your obstacles.

Two weeks ago I let a little cat out of my bag.  For 22 years I have been living with epilepsy.  I have been functioning in life with a disorder that many people told me I would have restrictions with.  I wouldn’t be able to drive, I wouldn’t be able to have kids, I wouldn’t be able to live independently.  Yes, these were all possibilites, but I chose to fight…and I am winning!


Fish Oil and CVD

A new study was just posted concluding that 1gram/day of fish oil does not reduce the chance of CVD in high risk patients; it just goes to show that there is no magic pill. I do however still think that there is a benefit to Omega 3 supplementation but the primary mechanism for correcting the Omega 6:3 balance has to be the reduction of Omega 6 fatty acids from your diet. So what does that mean? Ditch the industrial seed oils (vegetable oil) and processed foods that contain them. Eat grass-fed meat and Omega 3 fortified free range eggs. If you don’t have access to grass-fed meat trim the excess fat off your commercial cuts and add some grass-fed butter.



Mobility WOD


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